Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nine Months

This is a short post to commemorate the nine month anniversary of me being with Diana.

My baby,
My everything,

It has been nine months since our first Christmas,
Since the we have grown as a couple,
And fallen more madly in love,

We've had bad times,
Really emotional times,
But we survived because we love each other,

Our pure love,
Has gotten us through so many things,
And kept us still madly in love,

In my heart I know,
That we will always be together,
We will be together forever,

I will always love you Diana,
Every second of every day,
I will always love my little Puma-wearing Angel,

I love you Diana.

Splooge/Cum/Semen/Bodily Fluides/Pimp Juice/Man Juice

What is up my friends? Been a while, but I hope you forgive me. I've been a little bit out of the drawing scene for a bit because I lost my fabled pencil and I can't draw without it. Now I have it back and hope to do some drawing in the near future. As for art all I have is one thing I drew on Diana's facebook the other day. I'll show it to you anyways.


Saturday, September 01, 2007



I've got a brand spanking new project that I'm going to be toying with for a while. It's called "Shadow Princes" and it's about a fictional realm of humans that are under oppression of an overbearing religious government. The Shadow Princes are sort of the knights in not-so-shining armor and they help out just so that everyone else can be free, even if they don't realize they aren't. It's got a butt load of information that I'm posting on a wikispace instead of in a bunch of blog posts. The link to said wikispace is at the bottom of the blog page. Check it out and maybe you will like it or maybe you won't.

Another note: I am going back to the Viral Hell project until I finish rewriting the script, that I wrote during the second half of my senior year, into a brand spanking new Viral Hell novel. It's going to take a while but I will continue to post pictures when I can if Diana will keep me motivated like I know she will. The novel is just in the beginning parts with only once chapter finished. However, I must say that the novel itself is much more enjoyable to read then a number of dialogue sentences and the occassional descriptive paragraph. There is more detail in every character, the dialogue is less choppy and everything is more enjoyable. I hope that everyone will like it and I might be posting it on my deviant art at some point to make it open to the public, so keep an eye on any info for that in my posts.

That's all for now folks. Sorry, but no new pictures just yet. Soon though, probably going to have some once I get back to RI and my pencil. Till then.