Monday, December 13, 2010

170 - One Hundred and Seventy

Daily sketches for the past few days.

They're pretty neat.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

169 - Legends

I've been testing my skills lately by bringing back characters that I consider to be legendary in my own universe of creation. These are the original, time-tested warriors of death that have continued their own stories within the ever-changing landscape of my own mind.

In addition to these guys being drawn/colored up, I've been hard at work writing Viral Hell into a full novel. So far, I've made it to chapter 11 of the original 22 written when I originally wrote it as a graphic novel script. It started with a standard 1 to 1 conversion ratio from script to novel, but the further I delve into the story, the more elaboration I seem to do with the novel. Rather than simply skimming the surface with certain events as I did in the script, I've taken to elaborating extensively and building more emotional conflicts amongst all the characters. At this point, in chapter 11 that is, things are so extremely different from the script that the novel now only resembles it in the rough series of events that I continue to follow. As I view it, the original script was written rather well in terms of plot points but the pacing was absolutely dreadful. Being able to rewrite it as a novel has given me a great opportunity to stretch things out, giving them more impact, and really build towards individual climaxes.

Anyways, here's the pictures.

Tomalt Brooding

Damien Concept
Tomalt Concept
Tomalt Concept