Saturday, April 28, 2007


Don't binge drink.
Bad people.

It's All Fun and Games Till Ed Loses Consciousness


All I have for now is some info on Robert. I'm retarded sometimes.

Robert Stephenson
Age: 24
Class: Scout
Occupation: Technical Operations and Intelligence of the Resistance

Info: Robert was born in the suburbs surrounding Central City, an area also known as Greenville. His childhood was typical. He went to school till he was eighteen, had a part time job to pay for his own car, lived with his parents whom he loved and was a respected member of his community. Nothing special about Robert until he graduated high school and decided he wanted to join the military. Normally, the military wouldn’t take anyone Robert’s age into their ranks for what he wanted to do, but for him they made an extreme exception. Robert himself does not understand why the military took him in when they did, he had been told that he would never be accepted but still he had tried and somehow succeeded. Robert didn’t exactly want to do the typical foot soldier routine where he went to boot camp and then got stuck on the frontlines taking bullets for his officers. He wanted to do something that was amazing, and so the military put him through rigorous physical and psychological regimens to train him in operations so secret, not even he really knew what they were about. After five years of harsh training, Robert emerged from the military and was allowed to live his life like a normal twenty three year old male. He was still enlisted in the military and so spent most of his time on the base located just outside Central City, but he was no longer doing the harshest, most physically demanding operations that can’t be mentioned outside the president’s office. Around this time was when he first met Jemina Ashmore, his future girlfriend, at a recruitment meeting. Robert had been tasked with recruiting for counter intelligence while Jemina had been recruiting for special operations, of which she was a part. After talking for a while at the meeting, they decided to get dinner together afterwards and during that time they fell for each other. Robert was in love with Jemina after six months of dating almost nonstop, and he had hoped to take a large step forward in their relationship. That was when the outbreak of the virus first went public. Robert was residing in his apartment the night the whole of Central City went under because of the plague. His gear, which had remained classified until then, was residing within his apartment, locked within a special security vault that even he didn’t understand completely. Robert called Jemina before he even left his apartment and after finding out both she and her brother were still alive, Robert set out with his gear to find them. Since then, Robert has been a vital part of the team. There was a time when Robert was presumed dead by everyone in the team after a raid on a hospital that ended in a rather destructive explosion. Yet, he survived and came back to his girlfriend and team two months later to help in the fight once more. Now, Robert operates as what he was trained for: a warrior facing impossible odds. He fights beside his girlfriend day in and day out, and hopes that one-day, once the virus is eradicated, to marry Jemina and start a family with her.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Not Just Your Friend, I'm Your Skin and Bone

Howdy Y'all!
I'm from Texas.
Anyways, I was busy today working and actually finished something!!! It's a crazy drawing of Robert's Beast, that giant thing that beats on Robert eventually. You will see hopefully soon, no guarantees though. Anyways here it is: Guttoral Roar.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007




Initiate Plan D

/command prompt open

-command prompt window open-
-inster command-
/initate plan

-designate plan-


-designate path-

D for Diana

-now put it in bold foo-

D For Diana

-now the whole thing-

Initiate Plan D for Diana

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sidebar to the Audience

I feel kind of awkward putting this on a blog but I'm going to anyways. Diana and I's four month anniversary is coming up like next week and I have no idea what to do. Should I get her something? Should I take her out somewhere? I mean, that is the same day she gets back from Lebanon so I dont know what to do. Knowing myself like I do, I will probably end up writing her a nice poem and getting her a card, though I have thought about getting her something simple yet meaningful. Just a matter of getting it is the problem. Just wondering if the audience has any suggestions on the matter. Not that I will listen to all of them, but I might. Just looking for a little help. To end, I'm going to write a poem just for her to read when she gets back.

Here I lay on my bed,
While you fly off to parts unknown,
Of all the places I've been,
I've never been where you've gone,

So here I lay on my bed,
Rolling over in between commercials,
To stare at the spot where you once lay,
The special spot where you graced my bed,

So here I lay on my bed,
Wrestling in the background,
Remembering that we would watch it and laugh,
Point at the funny men in their underwear,

So here I lay on my bed,
Eyes shut,
Imagining you are here,
Lying next to me,

So here I lay on my bed,
I can feel your body next to mine,
Your arms around my chest,
And you head upon my shoulder,

So here I lay on my bed,
Missing you so dearly,
As you are not around to be with,
Oh how I miss you darling,

So here I lay on my bed,
Surrounded by insolence and stupidity,
Waiting for your return,
From a place I've never been,

I hope you are better,
Not sick nor sad,
Just know that waiting here,
In my bed,

Is he who loves you,


The Big 50


So I'm a total retard for missing that the last post was totally my fiftieth blog post, and I am so wicked happy now that I did alot of work to get this piece finished for you guys. Nothing special, just page three of Viral Hell. Inked, colored and made pretty using ancient chinese secrets. You know, all that good stuff I learned while traveling the world as a hitma--- errr, child. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the character bios on our leading characters as I will be posting the rest of the team's info as I finish writing in. I have to stay one step ahead of you guys or else I'm as good as dead. To conclude, I still have a big bag full of tricks left to finish out my vacation in style. So be prepared for more art, writing and all around stupidity in blog stuff.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Brother and Sister

To continue with my seriously sleep deprived week of work, I bring you character profiles on the two leading characters in Viral Hell so far: Tomalt and Jemina Ashmore. Brother and sister.
Tomalt Ashmore
Age: 24
Class: Assault Trooper
Occupation: Leader of the Resistance
Born to a single mother in Central City, Tomalt was nothing more than a simple hood rat as he grew up on the streets. His early childhood was filled with disarray, living in a rundown part of town with only his mother and sister for family. His mother worked three jobs to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. When Tomalt was eleven, his mother died of HIV that she received from working as a prostitute for years. The loss of his mother tied directly into Tomalt’s psychological trauma that would scar him for the rest of his life. After his mother died, Tomalt and his sister were moved into an orphanage located in a better part of Central City. The damage was done though and Tomalt began to rebel against everything around him save his sister. For the next seven years, Tomalt destroyed everything he was ever given, had no money to his name and was about to be sent into jail for two years for the aggravated assault of two prep school boys. The justice system decided that it wasn’t worth jailing him and instead told him to join the military or find a job before he got into even more trouble. Tomalt decided to join the army, at least there he could take out his rage on someone who actually deserved it and it was his orders to do so. During the screening process to gain admittance into the army, Tomalt was deemed unfit to carry a weapon of any kind and was unable to follow orders from anyone of higher rank than him. He was rejected. Still seeking a job in which he could hold any sort of weapon, Tomalt applied to the Central City Police Department. They rejected him stating, “He was more likely to beat the suspect to death than subdue and handcuff him”. Tomalt’s last chance to carry a weapon ever, aside from becoming a personal hitman, was to apply for a private investigator’s license. He received the license at the age of twenty and began working as a private investigator for hire. For the next four years, Tomalt did his job and did not cause any trouble in the city. He became a respected member of the community and even worked in conjunction with the police department on a number of cases. Still, Tomalt loathed his life. He wanted to be out fighting and killing with anything he could get his hands on. Then the outbreak started. It came from Raccoon City they said. That it had been quarantined but somehow got loose. It didn’t matter because the whole world was dying to a plague of people who had once been living. Tomalt was one of the few to survive in Central City. Along with his sister and her boyfriend, they started trying to figure out what had happened. There was no sign of a new day where there were no infected running around the city, so they fought back and for the future of mankind, they fought for a cure. Tomalt now leads the rebellion against the undead, and it is through his efforts, he believes, that the world will be saved one day and restored to its former self.
Jemina Ashmore
Age: 23
Class: Medic
Occupation: Chief Medic and Second-in-Command of the Resistance
Born to a single mother in Central City, Jemina was the complete antithesis of her brother Tomalt. She was kind and loving where he was brutal and violent. Despite all the disarray of moving around with her mother and brother as a child, Jemina tried her best to stay happy and hopeful for the sake of her family. When her mother died of HIV when she was 10, Jemina was sent to foster homes with her brother for till they were old enough to work on their own and support themselves. She knew Tomalt was severely traumatized and that he would never be the same but still stuck with him, hoping that he would one day go back to the way he was. After Tomalt graduated high school and began his slow decent into depression, Jemina was left alone. When she graduated high school as one of the top students in her class of 721, Jemina had many offers to many colleges and universities. Despite all the offers, only one stood out to her and that was the one for special operations training in the military. When she was only nineteen she was top in her unit, and was further along in her training than anyone else. At this point she was shipped overseas with other top students like her to continue their special training in the field. It was here that Jemina first met Lea Faust. At the time Lea was only 17, but she was one hell of a fighter and quite possibly the most capable munitions and explosives expert to be given authority to fight. The two became quite close being the only two females in a twenty strong unit of men. When Jemina was 22 and Lea 18, they were shipped back to the US to further continue their training with new age weapon systems and new technology developed within the confines of the country. It was around this time that Jemina met her still boyfriend, Robert. The two met on the military base at a recruitment meeting. Robert was recruiting for counter intelligence and Jemina was recruiting for special operations. They went out that night after the recruitment meeting and fell for each other pretty much overnight. Since then they are still steady boyfriend and girlfriend, and hoped to take the next step after six months of dating. Around this time was when the outbreak of the virus began. It started in every major city some said, but it didn’t matter. All that did matter was the whole population was slowly succumbing to this horrible virus that turned the living into the dead. Jemina was stationed on a military base outside Central City when it was overcome by the plague. The whole base went up in flames due to some unknown cause and everyone was presumed dead or tainted by Jemina who had been visiting Tomalt at the time. With the military gone, Jemina follows her brother and his quest to find out what really started the horrible plague now ravaging the entire world. Jemina is one of the reasons that Tomalt has stayed so capable till now and she believes that it is her duty to her mother to make sure Tomalt stays alive. Jemina is also the chief medic of the resistance and is currently the only known technician working on any form of a cure for the virus.
Also, I decided to change my posting name to something a little more sensible instead of stealing the main character of my story's name.
P.S. Yes, that is my real name.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Can Feel It Coming In the Air Tonight...

Howdy once more.

To start, I've been very busy these last couple of days working on Viral Hell projects. This includes the story itself, now up to Chapter 3, pictures of the gang just doing stuff and actually pages from the novel. Its very tedious working on it all at once and I wish I had someone else to help me but its best I do it alone, that way things stay consistent and look good to me. The picture of Atlin I posted yesterday is one of my favorite pieces of new art aside from the one I'm posting today which I just finished and scanned ten minutes ago. Having a scanner in my room is awesome. I hope to work on a new Lea picture since the one I was working on has become very weird for me, can't seem to get her gun to look right. I also have to finish pages five and six of the novel, both of which are mapped out and just need to be touched up and given final pencils. The story is really long right now, almost thirty pages, and is alot different from the way I wrote it in my notebook. Not sure if the new way it has been written is better, but I like it more and it makes more sense. I hope to finish up the story on my computer, up to the last written part, by the end of the week that way I can start seriously working on pages and other artwork. Been a busy week and it only looks to be getting busier.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pineapple Pie

Can't work...Anymore...
Make...Techno Monster...Go Away....

Ums Ums Ums Ums


Here's Atlin.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hellish Vigor

It hasn't even been an two hours since my girlfriend left for Lebanon, and I already miss her so much that I'm feeling a little teary. God, I love her so much. I hope that she has a safe flight and that she gets there okay. She will be gone for nine whole days, thats about a week and a half without seeing a girl you love incase you can't count.


I finally got around to scanning all the new stuff that I needed to. Pages three and four of the novel, a new single character picture of Tomalt and an action shot of Damien and some zombies. The last thing I scanned is something I did for art class that I'm going to ink with real ink. Yes, real ink and not computer ink. That's it for scans. I got some more work to do on a picture of Atlin and one of Lea. Those names will mean more to you when the novel actually progresses. I want to finish those two pictures tonight, but I don't know if I will.

I love you so much Diana. Come back to me the same way you left...

...maybe a little bit heavier, but thats it.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm back and better than ever, till tomorrow when my girlfriend leaves for Lebanon for like 9 fucking days. I'd rather her go now than over the summer for a whole month and her grandma is pretty sick right now, so I don't feel like its something really horrible. I just won't see or talk to her for a good long while.

Back to buisness. I have a new name for the graphic novel. Since nothing I have done to it has tied it in any way to Resident Evil, I decided to ditch the name and keep all the rights myself. From today onward, the novel will be known as Viral Hell. I like it, it brings something new to the series that wasn't there before. I also have two more pages to scan so that I can ink them but I just keep forgetting and its kinda late right now. I promise to have those up along with some other things I have drawn within this next week. I don't have school so it shouldn't be too hard.

Also, the old layout for the blog is back with different colors. The new one wasn't really doing it for me and my girlfriend said she didn't like it, so I switched it back to Minima Dark and changed some of the colors to pink. Looks better now, and I like it.

To end this little date of ours, I'm reposting the cover and the first two finished pages again with the revised fonts and text updates.

Till next time,



Leon the Lion has been found.
The world lives to see another day.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Leon the Lion

Today, April 11th, 2007, someone very dear to both me and Diana was lost. His name is Leon.

Leon was a very prettiful lion whom we both loved very dearly. He was the conception of both of us and he was as important as Stanley and Henry. We both miss him very much and wish he wasnt lost. Now for some words from Diana.

Diana: I love Leon more than my ovaries. So whoever finds Leon, gets my ovaries as a reward. I love Leon's creator.

And now for a moment of silence as we remember the life of Leon the Lion.

Thankyou for taking this time to pray for our lost Leon.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Layout

Hello All,

I got a new fancy template for my blog off the internet, pretty snazzy no? I like it, haven't found any problems with it yet so I'm not complaining. That's about it for now. I'll get to scanning either tonight or tomorrow.

Holla Back Dawgs


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Architect -- Hell for Upside Down Sinners

Obey the Architect.
They are my new favorite band.
The picture has their lyrics in it.
Download now.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Coming Soon

I know I've been very bad to you, my fans, and I intend to change that sometime this week with updates to both the graphic novel and some items from my personal collection of sketches. I'm a little sad because Diana, my girlfriend, is in New York till tomorrow and I really wish she was around so we could go to my family's Easter Celebration at my uncle's house. Was really looking forward to going with her but since she's in New York, doesn't look like its going to happen till next year. I miss her, right now. Like a whole ton. So...ya, new content coming soon and I hope to find some way to post the entire story of the novel up to this point. If you know any way, please give me a hollar.